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4nought4 Vol 34, 2013
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143,199 Tweets
Anime film Castle In The Sky has set a new record for the most tweets at a time on a topic.
Clearly, the Japanese love their anime.
Dial Number, Follow SRK On Twitter Read More   "All u do is dial number 09015500555 & once u hear a beep its done," said SRK in a tweet. A clever integration with Twitter and missed-call service ZipDial.
Twitter Highlighting
Local Events?
Read More Twitter appears to be testing a feature to give you alerts for live events that are happening right near you.
Twitter Tests New
'TV Trending'
Read More A card at the top of your timeline groups tweets about the show that everyone's talking about.
The card even shows the number of tweets about the show!
FB crosses 80mn MAUs in India Read More   According to data FB released recently, they've crossed the 80mn mark of Monthly Average Users in the India region.
  It even has a strip on the side that says 5M Porsche Fans!    
Porsche's FB Fans Design Car Read More   When they hit the milestone of 5mn on FB, Porsche began to let its fans design a 911 Carrera 4S.
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