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An ad from Lee Clow once said, "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." We are a set of misfits, rebels, trouble makers, round pegs in the square holes. We are together because we are different.


The Sardonic Yoda: He is old, he is wise and when he talks creative strategy, clients stop and listen. Be warned, his wisecracks are sharp, and no one's a holy cow.

The Connector: He is on to his 4th venture and is the techie on board. He loves chai and perhaps would ask you for a cuppa when he comes visiting.

The Light Bulb: When he meets the client, they want him to star in their commercials. He is smooth, he is smart, and he is full of spark.

The Sapient: He loves dogs and a good creative brief. He is methodical and perhaps our tallest offering in will, wit and the wise departments.

The Anchor: She is the one to go to in happiness and otherwise. She manages means, moolah and morale with the calm of a monk.

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